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How spirituality came on my own way


Like the header shows it up, I'm gonna tell a piece about how spirituality came on my own way. Why it came on my way? What is/was the reason for it? Were/are there more reasons? Etcetera ...

One reason why I for this case write this piece of history down and want to share with you is just to show you that there can pass a rather period of time before you will be aware of the fact that you do have spiritual capabilities, but surely that you can use it too! If the time is there, many things do fall within each others like puzzle pieces, until that time is there you only just can carry those things like a secret with you .....

One of those things I were allowed to found out MYAELF much later, is the fact that you can devide a human life within periods of 7 years lasting periods, so this is the reason, why I put those links down like this ON PURPOSE overhere down below. You just can see this as a blueprint, globally seeing, for how those things indeed came on my way! I wish you a lot of pleasure, but especially also a lot of insight with reading the coming pieces of text. Just click on the links beneath to go further on ...


Moving yellow little star 1975-1982 - That good ol' time Moving yellow little star

Moving yellow little star 1982-1989 - Fairy tales & Ghosts don't exist ... And dreams which come out, do they exist? Moving yellow little star

Moving yellow little star 1989-1996 - Young, wild and impulsive ... But the ALSO the search to myself ... A new world opened just in front of me! Moving yellow little star

Moving yellow little star 1996-2003 - Where a vision can lead you to ... Moving yellow little star

Moving yellow little star 2003-To the present - Bumping against yourself again is to see what you can and what's your worthiness too! Moving yellow little star