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Welcome in the section Pets of ... Besides that I'm busy with having many hobbies like drawing, photografy, music and some other things and besides that I'm busy with spirituality, pets and animals have been playing a huge role in my life, and they still play a huge role! A life without pets and animals isn't a life for me, and it isn't thinkful I have to live without companion of a pet too ... I see the pets around me like worthy and kind companions ... Creatures with which you can share much things and which ALWAYS will be there for you if you need them! The Warmth and Love which a pet can give you, isn't always to describe, but I think that many pet lovers can find themselves in what I just have been writing down ;-) Just click on the links beneath to go further on .....


The pets in my life

The Shih Tzu

A litter pups and everything which important with it!

My clanny