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Help! I do have spiritual capabilities, and what now?


To know more if you can find out if you have spiritual capabilities by yourself or not, you can read this piece of text below. Actually, it won't say that this piece of text can give you the fully guarantee if you can get this "tag" having spiritual capabilities CAN or MAY give to someone and/or CAN or MAY get that one by youself, like there is the possibility that this piece of text below can't probably give you enough clearness, but, I think that, when many people do recognize themself in this text below, that it can be very useful to watch yourself in a more deeper way and find out what your abilities are talking about spiritual points! Click on the links to go through the page in a fast way .....


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Imagine .....

..... Imagine, that you wake up in the morning on one day and suddenly you there comes a somehow anxietive feeling in you, a kind of uneasy feeling you can't describe, except, that it has something to do with your beloved kitty which has become just 5 years old ... You tell this to your mother that you are affraid that something is going to happen with your kitty, but you don't know what, but you do feel this, and it doesn't feel that nice at all and you know too that it won't end up well ... Your mother tells you that you see ghosts, that you just have to go to school and that there's no reason to be worried 'cause your beloved kitty just is laying in a peaceful way above the heather, watching through the window what's happening outside, you give her attention and she gives you headies and she watches you in a confortable way, nothing wrong with it ... "Now you see, nothing wrong." Your mother sais to you, and you go to school while your mother makes herself ready for going to work ...

You are on your way to school, but your kitty, it doesn't make you feel confortable at all, allthough you don't know how or what ... It's a feeling, but this feeling just keeps on turning in a somehow way in yourself and this feeling only becomes more stronger, you do have the feeling you've got to go home immediately, but that isn't possible 'cause you already are on your school having Geography lesson and another thing is that you already made an appointment yesturday with your best friend to go on to their place for a lunch, 'cause, as her mother, as your mother alreadyd were agreed with this plan ... So you don't come home this afternoon though and you can't check if everything still is alright with your kitty .....

You go with your best friend to their place that afternoon and just when you arrive there you ask her mother if you can call your mother by phone for a while, 'cause this feeling about your kitty which is there for whole that morning, is ABSOLUTELY NOT a well feeling, but before you can call her, the phone rings and your best friend's mother asks you if you can can come on the phone, 'cause it's your mother ... She tells you that your kittty just is hit by a car and that she just is passed away .....



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A happy feeling! (Part 1)

After a while of time your kitty's loss finds it's own place somewhere in you, and happily after all your beloved kitty finds her last place to rest in your backyard 'cause she's burried there and every day you go there to have a look if everything is fine. You are on your school and have a talk with your best friend and your teacher passes by and suddenly there comes a happy feeling in you ... You don't know too how you've got to describe this feeling, but it feels nice and somewhere from inside there comes a feeling that there's going to happen something very great for her and suddenly, you just KNOW that your teacher is pragnent and that she's expecting a daughter ... 2 weeks later your teacher is just standing in the classroom in the morning and says in a jolly way: "Boys and girls I've got to tell you something which is great! I'm expecting a baby and I already am pregnant for about 2 weeks!", whereone you speak out before you could realize what you say like: "Oh wow Miss that you'll get a girl!" All of your classmates are watching you in a very astonishing way, inclusive your teacher who asks you how you come on the idea that she will expect a girl!



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Only just a dream about grandmom or ...

Time is just going on a bit for a while and at nights you have strange dreams like everyone have them, also just normal dreams about things you have been expired that day on school, or crazy and funny dreams which don't have any sense par example that you're hungry and you find a dead dog in the fridge and you eat that one, but also dreams which aren't that explanable at all, but they look like if they are so clear and real, but are they actually? So, you dream also about flying through the house where you live, and that you can fly through everyting and that sometimes your beloved kitty who is dead for a while flies with you ... And one night you dream that your gramdmom stands besides your bed, or is she really standing now? You close your eyes and open them again, for a few times you do, but still, you REALLY see your grandmom standing there! She says that she comes to you to say goodbye and she tells you that you always were her sweetest grandchild. You ask her where she is going now and she answers: "To Heaven, my lovely, to Heaven, to God and to Jesus and to granddad and to uncle John and to my mother I will go, and one day you will come there too, but not yet 'cause you still have to learn much overhere, so just do your best at school!" Suddenly, grandmom is gone like dust in the wind, you watch your alarm clock and you see that it's 4 o'clock in the morning, but you don't want to wake up mommy 'cause she still is asleep and she has to go for working again some time later ... Later on that day you go to school and actually you haven't told your mother yet about grandmom who stood besides your bed that last night, also you didn't tell her 'cause your mother didn't want to believe your forcasting feelings about your beloved kitty and too well ... That pregnancy that was just co-incidently ... But than you're on your school and in the afternoon you go to your home for lunch and when you come home, your mother is on the table crying and you put an arm around her and ask: "Grandmom is passed away huh?" Whereon your mother nodds yes ... "Just be quiet mommy" you try to get her more easy "grandmom is with God and Jesus now in Heaven she was old and she learned very, very much overhere and she wanted that I do my best at school 'cause I've still got to learn much."



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A new kitty and ...

After a while of time you decide to take a new young kitty, so your mother and you go to have a look on a litter of sweet kitties and there is one which comes toward you in a directly way and comes on your lap. "Oh mommy, this one wants that we take her, but that one overthere is also a nice one but he's sick but shall we take that kitty too?" Actually, your mother's idea is that 1 cat is actually enough, but you've got the feeling that the other kitty will not live for that long 'cause she's ill and you want to give her a warm nest until than, after undergoing a somehow survival way to convince your mother, you mother has something like: "Okay again, but you've got to be good and caring well for both." You are very happy off course, your mother is happy in a less way 'cause she's surrounded by 2 playful kitties. "Mommy" you say in a suddenly way "I do have the feeling that the heart from that sick kitty isn't well." "Why do you think that?" your mother asks you. "Well" you say again "I can feel that, I FEEL that but I don't know HOW I can feel this mommy." One week later you go to the vet because both kitties need to have their injection and the vet indeed diagnoses that the sick kitty does have a real weak heart and he says that she probably will live for one year at least ..... Your mother is glad on the first hand 'cause she know now this kitty has a good home and that you will take care for her in a very lovable way, but on the other hand she isn't that glad at all and she only thinks like "Well I wish I never said "yes" ... Pffff!"



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A happy feeling! (Part 2)

Life is going on for a while just going further on and your teacher is coming closer to the labor time ... Finally it's just that far that she can have her free for work 'cause of her pregnancy, and it's getting more and more exiting, 'cause actually you don't forget the fact that she will get a girl, and you have been through so many things which came out 'cause you just can feel things and also that you see things too sometimes, that you really become curious ... It's just hanging on some time, but than each pupil from this teacher gets a birth card in their postboxes ... You are so glad and you run to the postbox and it can't go that fast to open the envelop with the card inside, and yes ... The teacher has delivered a girl !!!



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A message from grandmom from Heaven!

That same night actually, you dream about your grandmom who has been passed away a few months ago ... She says to you: "My lovely, you don't have to be affraid, 'cause what you can do you can help people with it sweety, granddad did have this too and my father did have this too, like my grand grandmom who already is for a really long, long time in Heaven did have it too, and passing away isn't that frightening though, it's a transformation to a new begin, like a larve transforms into a butterfly ... You can't hug each others, but just know that I always will be there for you andI keep on doing this, like I do this too with mommy 'cause I'm with her too!" At the first hand you are feeling yourself so intensely sad after this dream, but on the other hand you are SO happy that grandmom lets you know that everything is allright with her in Heaven!



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Are you just crazy or ... "Well, who still believes me?"

But, how can those things be? Are you becoming crazy, do you just REALLY see ghosts and so on? And can you REALLY communicate with them ??? A boy from your class told once that his mother has psychic capabilities, so she has paranormal gifts, but what means paranormal and is paranormal just para-normal? Your mother doesn't have so much with being psychic, I think she isn't, but, she does believe in God and in Heaven and in Jusus, Joseph and Mary and she believes there is a Heaven where people and animals will go if they die, but can this Heaven also make contact with her? And why she doesn't see those things you CAN see and why doesn't she feel those things you CAN feel? You still have a feeling in yourself like it is a kind of duality, 'cause you can't talke with your mother about all this, but with who you CAN talk about your discovery ???



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How can you find out the degree of being spiritual capable?

... This is something where many peope who do have paranormal gifts, but as the header sais I like to talk rather more about being spiritual capable, just are bumping to it, 'cause, how can you just give any definition on being spiritual capable? What does it contain? How can you deal with it? And ... Do you see spiritual capability as lust, as charge, as gift or as a tool piece ???

One by one this are difficult questions on where there aren't any answers that quickly, I mean, everyone does have once a deja vue and it even is in this way that every living creature has a piece of spiritual capability within, so actually you can say that everyone has a partly spiritual ability, but how do you know if there is any degree of active development? Well, those ones who can recognise themselves completely in this story above, which I wrote down in a such way that even an 8 years old kid can understand it, and who can just see, feel, hear, know, expire, smell, taste or explore that bit more as usually, they will feel quite a much affirmance in that whole piece of story above! The chance is even big enough that they'll find themselves back somehow, allthough this is a scrap about a situation which I "just have been writing down".

1. My first point of determination spiritual capability is the frequency rate of someone's experiences which seams to be very "co-incidentive" in that way they do come out, so that they are forcasting experiences. If this is happening, you surely can speak about the fact of having spiritual capabilities, so being spiritual capable!

2. Very often, especially in the beginning if you don't know how to deal with this, there comes a sort of feeling within which you ABSOLUTELY CAN'T describe or explain, this feeling is like a kind of tension or excitement, as something ominous, but it hasn't always to feel negative or positive in that specific way!

3. OFTEN, but it has not to be ALWAYS actually, spiritual capability in a somehow higher developed degree does occur at other family members ... At most of the people I know and who do have spiritual capabilities, I notice, or they know this by themselves, that oftenly one or more family members do have "it" too ;-)



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A very own way of development for each of us

Well, how you can learn to deal with this in a further way, well ... For each of us this is different ... One person will be able to do something with it, another won't, and some ones even won't learn it ever 'cause they don't have the insight and will get this in their next life or so, gheeh! OR because they are JUST affraid for it! But what it may be, each of us do have his or her own development in his or her own way, even in a spiritual way too and actually it really doesn't matter how far or how less far you are! The oly thing I can do is only write down my experiences, like I can put down the information about knowledge too to give this little piece to some, 'cause, the most things about spirituality I have to write, ABSOLUTELY DON'T come out of books, but I was ALLOWED to learn all this from my guides and spiritual masters ... How this is in that way? Well just go quickly to the next links and see .....






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