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To keep things up more synoptic I linked the categorizations. Do you like your link in my links list? Just send an e-mail to I'd don't rather like to use  banners in de links list 'cause this site will be visited by visually impaired visitors too who are attatched on speach and braille software which have difficulties with reading screens if there are too many banners ;-)


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Links from friends

Ed Vos (Nederlands, English)

Ed Vos is a photographer for more than 25 years and he already is interested into spirituality for a long time. From explanation about the Atlantis ring till universal symbols ... You can find all of it on his site! Available in Dutch and English.

Freek de Ru (Nederlands)

Freek de Ru is a severely visually impaired young man whom I know for a very young age! We grew up together somehow and we see each others as being a sort of brother and sister from each others. Freek always knows to put some personally turns on political cases ... He's a bit weird and happily crazy, but I'm too LOL! Only available in Dutch.

Helma van der Boom (Nederlands (Dutch), but in a while this site will be available in French and Portuguese too)

Helma van der Boom is translater Portuguees and French and she's visually impaired too, but I know she's doing her job just very well ;-) So when someone searches a translater Portuguese or French, just surf to Helma's site! Only available in Dutch yet.

Kim Bols (Nederlands)

Kim Bols from Belgium is blind and she has a guide dog Olly. Her site is very synoptic and it's good browsing for visually impaired co-persons as it is for everyone who come and surf by! There is a lot of information about what's coming around the corner if you have a visually impaireness and besides this, Kim is very skillful to build sites i in this way that this one looks attractive but in the same way this site will be accessible too for blind and partly sighted persons! This site is only available in Dutch.




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Informative links about visually impairenesses

Nystagmus (1) (, Nederlands)

Information about what nystagmus actually means  explained into Dutch.

Nystagmus (2) (Wikepedia, English)

Global description about nystagmus in English.

Nystagmus (3) (American Nystagmus Network, English)

American site with much information, allthough a bit medically described, about nystagmus. This site is in English.



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Orbs links

Dutch Light Orbs (Nederlands, English)

Informative site about orbs. What are orbs actually? What is ectoplasma? But especially, what aren't they? There are also some descriptions about experiments andabove all there are also pictures standing from other photographers (inclusive me) who did get orbs in front of their lens! This site is available in Dutch and English.

Orbs By Beans (English)

The quite informative website from John & Jan Young from the United States. They are busy with orbs for a quite long time ... What are orbs actually? They are giving you an answer on this question from out of their point of view! The site is only available in English ... (Nederlands)

Suzanne van Eijk's website about orbs, ecto and all related things! The site is simple synoptic, but beautiful and there is a lot of information, but besides information also a lot of photos AND videos from orbs! The site is only available in Dutch ...




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Links about spirituality and related things (Nederlands)

A Dutch Startpagina daughter, all Dutch links related to paranormal things together ;-) This site is only in Dutch.

New (Nederlands)

A Dutch Startpagina daugter, all Dutch links related to New Age, alternative therapies and so together ;-) This site is only in Dutch. (Nederlands)

A sort of Belgium, faced on paranormal subjects. This page is only in Dutch. ((Nederlands))

A sort of Belgium, faced on spiritual subjects. This page is only in Dutch.

De Weg Naar Het Licht (Nederlands)

Beautiful informative site about spirituality, but you also can find nice spirital MIDI music and download it and besides this, this site gives you a good feeling AND there is a rather vast offer of links ;-) It's a pity this site is only available in Dutch.

De Kristal (Nederlands)

Nice AND informative website from Carla van Maanen about the most diverse subjects related to spirituality/the paranormal. The site is only available in Dutch. (Nederlands, English)

Informative site about everything which is related to leylines, powerplaces, crop circles, radiesthesia, the paranormal and everthing which is related to! The site is available into Dutch and into English.

Door Het Raam (Nederlands, English, Deutsch)

A marvellous site where you can find all aspects around the subject OBEs (Out of Body Experiences) like astral journeys! SURE this site is worthy to visit and have a look on it! The person who made this site "Door Het Raam", which means "Through The Window" is Sten Oomen, author of several books, like books about OBEs! On this site you can find a synoptic explanation what OBEs are, there are letters and stories from other people and there are also marvellous paintings and drawings from several artists to see, almost all of them do have OBE as theme, those art is really worthy to see! This site is available in Dutch, English and German!

Stichting Merkawah (Nederlands)

A foundation which is there for persons who had a OBE (Out of Body Experience). This foundation gives information about this, but than from a medical scientifically and Christian vision WITHOUT being sceptical ... In my opinion this is a great step into the right direction for medical science! It's a pity this site is only in Dutch so far I know.



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Sites from Artful Friends

Femalewisdom (English) Site from one of my best friends Tereza from the Netherlands.

Danzr4ever (English) Site from Andrea from the United States.

AFH (English) Artwork From Hell from the Netherlands.

Ysaza (English, Français) Site from Isa from France.

Love1008 (English) Site from Damir from Slovenia.

Mutequacky (English) Site from Brian from the United States.

Abhorash (English) Alantië from Germany.

NightOfTheNewMoon14 (English) from the United States.

Mimulux (English) Site from Pat from Germany.

Bareck (English) Site from Bareck from the United States.

Quitelife00 (English) from the United States.

Doumey (English) Site from Dominique from France.

DigitalSmear (English) Site from Jimmy from the United States.

Celeceravian (English) from the United States.

Dana-martinez (English) Site from Deina from the United States.

MCvP (English) Site from my old class mate Mark from the Netherlands.

oOplastic (English) Site from Helen from the United Kingdom.

TempestG0ddess (English) from the United States.



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Sites from great musical masters

Anugama (English)

Read about Anugama's biography overhere ... A very special New Age composer I can tell you all! Anugama's music bumped me somehow into New Age music.

Mike Oldfield (English)

Multi instrumentalist, also well known and famous by "Tubular Bells". His music is a mix from Celtic music with different styles of music from other cultures, and above all his work often is program music. On this site you'll find in a mainly way his biography, discography and more ...

Vangelis (English)

Everything you'd like to know about Vangelis ... One of the best composers on this Earth, talking about Ambient and Space music, and from whom I still can learn much ;-) You can find his biography, discography and the latest updates about Vangelis on this site.



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Links about pets

Een Hart Voor Dieren (Nederlands)

The website from my most favorite magazine where I'm a faithful member since October 1992 !!! I know this magazine is also available in Germany and in more Europese countries but I don't know all the links :-( In Germany it's called "Herz Für Tiere".

AVRO DIER en NATUUR (Nederlands)

The website from the Avro (a Dutch television station) where you can find nice tricky things and some knowledges ... What's coming on TV when you talk about animal related programs & series. You can become a member as being a Dutchie in the Netherlands and you can get many  discounts, par example on zoo visits and so!



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Links from companies and associations

Motorclub Moustache Bergeijk (Nederlands)

A motorbike club in Bergeijk ... Just a nice site for those who like to ride motor bikes. So far I know this site is only available in Dutch ...

Café De Snor Bergeijk (Nederlands)

Who's visiting Bergeijk, has to go to café De Snor which can be translated as The Moustache Pub, to take a "pintje bier" (A glass of beer). Fred and Maria will say welcome to you! You can find several things on this site what more café De Snor has to offer, but you'll find also some typical pub jokes and nice pub talks on this site  ;-) So far I know this site isn't available in Dutch, but it's just great to get an impression 'cause also for human beings wearing big moustaches, just write to Fred he will like that (he has one too)!

Auquarius Nieuwetijdswinkel Valkenswaard (Nederlands)

Nice site where you can get an impression in Aquarius, a New Age shop in  Valkenswaard (which is a village near Bergeijk, so if you are in this neighbourhood of the Netherlands and you like New Age shops, you never know ;-) ) where Luc and Corine are the owners of the shop ;-) Besides you can see on their site what they are selling, there's also a calendar with some courses, workshops, readings and seances, based on spiritual and esotherical things. This site is only in Dutch available.

De Godin In Jezelf Leiden (Nederlands, English)

A marvellous example that Gothic and Fantasy clothes haven't only to be accessible for super thin models, but that it can be for SURE available for those co-human-beings which are more corpulent and/or taller! SURELY it's worthy for them to watch this site. Those 2 madams, mother Trudie Liebe and her daughter Charissa Schipper, make those clothes all by themselves! Click HERE to go directly to the English version of the site, which is called "The Goddess Within" ...



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Shih Tzu (English)

An American Yahoo group which exists on many, many members who all are fond of Shih Tzus! Mainly the subject on the forum is breeding with Shih Tzus. Many members are breeders by themselves!

Shih Tzu Land (English)

An American Yahoo group which exists on a group fantastic people who all are as fond of Shih Tzus as that I am ;-) In this group, experiences with Shih Tzus are more discussed and there is a sidewalk to caring for your Shih Tzu, potty training and so. It's really a warm group with also a prayer's list!

KeyboardForum (Nederlands)

Allthough this is a Dutch online forum where Dutch is the main language, I'd like to describe this one! Even as being a guest, you can visit KeyboardForum to ask a question, especially if you are searching particular or special styles, music, sheet music or so, books in English, for your keyboard! Even if you have a problem with your keyboard you can ask it overhere! From not knowing how to find your way to some more technical problems. They don't accept illegal stuff or questions related to illegal stuff., but besides this, this is a warm group where it doesn't matter if you are a novish keyboard player or a professional ... EVERYBODY is welcome to ask questions! The members from KeyboardForum are a warm nice club of keyboard lovers and even there's a cyberpub too, like there is an open cyber stage, but you have to know that if you aren't a member, you can't visit all the threats! But it won't say that if you aren't a member you can't get nice information as being a guest ;-) But, allthough this is a warm community, they are somehow strict with placing thins in threats.

DeviantArt (English)

An American online forum especially for artists in all different ways! You have to become a member to have your own art page and to discuss things on the forum. Most members are from the United States, but actually you can find members from everythwere on the forum, and there are also very many members on DA too! You don't have to be a professional artist to become a member, also a hobby drawer who likes to draw and who can draw rather well, you'll settle yourself quickly and will get a coming home feeling in this warm club! It's a shame that most art is based on graphical, but also poetral art, and you hardly can put some music on DA, behalf if you have a webpage where you can put downloads ;-)

Vangelis (English)

An American Yahoo group where you can discuss in an open way about everything which has to do with Vangelis.

Cijberij (Nederlands, English)

A nice Yahoo group cyberpub where you can discuss about everything you want to! You can only discuss after subscription.

WorldWide Friends (English)

Allthough this is a Dutch/American Yahoo group, is the language in English. This is a  club which exists out of world wide friends among each others and the most divergent subjects are questionable! It's just a nice club where most members on it do have some sense of humor with them! It's not such a club for too deeply going subjects, but just a club where you can share and post daily things. You have to be a member first and after you can discuss on the group.

VisuWerk (Nederlands)

This is a Yahoo group for Dutch and Belgium visually impaired persons who are searching for a job or for those visually impaired persons which do have a job already, but this group is also for employers which are seeking new employees for their comapny and wants to have more information about having a visually impaired employee in their company! You can share your (job) experiences with others and job related questions are always welcome! I described this link for you 'cause it could be interesting for those foreign companies which do have dependances in Belgium and/or the Netherlands, but also maybe for Belgium or Dutch persons on the list who want to work abroad, the language is actually Dutch. You have to subscribe youself first to be a member.



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Searching engines


Actually as good as Google but Alltheweb puts the subjects which are directly related to the words you type in the search bar somehow more categorized and more up.


Aw well ... Who don't know that one! And rather cynoptic ...

Singing Fish

Searching engine for MP3's, MPegs, AVI's and more kinds of this file types!

Find Sounds (English)

Just type in which sound effect you are searching for, Find Sounds will find it for you! This searching engine only works in English.

Van Basco MIDI Search

In my opinion, this site is soooooo right working !!!!! Very usefull when you are searching for a specific MIDI file!



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Remain links

Nanda's Plaatjessite (Nederlands, English, Deutsch)

Marvellous site where you can find all kinds of GIF files and other pictures! This site is also available in English and German ;-)

AltaVista Babelfish (Translation engine)

It's not that good engine to use for translating a whole website, but if you DO have a certain problem with translating some words, just go and have a look on this site ;-) This engine translates words into different languages like English, German, French, Italian, and much more! (English)

Really EVERYTHING, but REALLY everything you want to know about things which have to do with Tomb Raider, from the movies till the game. Especially the game part of the site is REALLY well done! You find walkthroughs from all the Tomb Raider game parts, for the PC, PlayStation, GameCube, GameBoy and EVEN for the Tomb Raider mobile phone version! It's UNBELIEVABLE how much and how clearly and synoptic this information is on this site! Not only walkthroughs with screenshots, but also cheats, tricks, game controlling systems for different types of gaming platforms, but REALLY everything on this site is subscribed PERFECTLY !!! Besides this, there are always the newest updates on Tomb Raider subjects and also this is just perfectly updated! There are only a few sites they are so well in my opinion, but this site is one of them! I really spend some much time on this site if I had another problem with one of my favorite games, Tomb Raider LOL! The only problem is that this site is sometimes hardly accessible for those who are partly sighted.



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